Spiderflex Bike Seats
 Comfortable Bicycle Seats By Spiderflex !

The Spiderflex Comfortable Bike Seat can make cycling fun again!

Developed for all levels of recreational bike riders, the Spiderflex REC bicycle seat leads the biking industry in comfort and durability.

The Spiderflex bike saddle’s patented noseless design provides a healthy ergonomic choice for today's bike riders, and has been engineered and road tested to fit the anatomy of both male and female cyclists.

For male cyclists, Spiderflex bicycle seats are ergonomically designed to eliminate groin pain numbness and increase blood flow on those long rides. The Spiderflex bike seat prevents perineal pressure, and reduces compression on the prostate.

Spiderflex bike seat allows pain free biking   Spiderflex comfortable bike seat relieves numbness

For women cyclists, the Spiderflex bike seat has an innovative patented design that is built to accommodate women’s proportions and bone structure. The forgiving style of the Spiderflex bicycle saddle cradles your “sit bones” in exactly the right place, to ensure a safe and comfortable ride all day long!

Spiderflex seat allows pain free biking   Spiderflex noseless saddle for comfortable bicycling

The Spiderflex REC hornless bike seat installs easily on all standard seat posts and clamps.

Noseless Bike Seat Hornless Bike SeatHornless Bike Saddle

Seat post not included.

The Dependable, Durable Bike Seat !

  • Super-tough, all-weather polyurethane seat pads
  • High-grade polished stainless steel frame
  • Comfortable pre-loaded suspension system

The New Generation Bike Saddles !

  • Comfortable ergonomic saddle design
  • Fits standard seat posts and clamps
  • Easy installation

Comfortable Ergonomic Bicycle Seats !

  • Comfortable ergonomic bicycle seats for all bike riders
  • Wide seat area for better weight distribution
  • Ergonomic center relief eliminates pelvic/perineal pressure
  • Ventilated seat slots reduce heat/moisture buildup
  • Cradles your "sit-bones" to alleviate pressure points
  • Eliminates chafing on the inner thigh area
  • Comfortable "long ride" suspension system
  • Works great on trainers and exercise bikes


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Ride with Spiderflex Bike Seat

Spiderflex Bike Seats 
						allow you to ride comfortably again


 I have been riding with the Spiderflex bicycle seat for about three years.  I liked the first one so much that I purchased a second seat for my indoor trainer.  I ride for fitness 60-100 miles per week, depending on the season.   There is no way that I would go back to a regular bike seat  -- ever!

Spiderflex Bike Seats are built for women to ride 


"Averaging 20 - 24 miles a week pleasure riding, I'm a stubborn rider who is not easily convinced that there was a more comfortable bike seat than what I was using. Now I know there is one. I was impressed with the Spiderflex's great shock system and unique bike seat design which eliminates all pressure. "
Spiderflex Bike Seats let you ride long distances comfortably


"After some prostate problems a 10 mile mountain ride was almost impossible, I thought my bike riding days were over. I tried the Spiderflex bike seat and happy to say I am back cycling up to 12 miles a day. It works great, no discomfort at all. Thanks Spiderflex, Mark in Reno"
Spiderflex Bike Seats
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